CIBA Admission Process


Applications for a place can be made online by clicking here at any time. Once we receive the application, we will contact you to inform you about the availability of places and give you any information you need.

If there are places available and you are interested, you can go on to the next phase: place reservation (before the 31st January of the year in which the pupil enters the school) or enrolment.


In order to reserve a place, pupils must be registered or have a birth certificate. Once this is done, you must present the necessary documents.

We remind you that place reservations will only be admitted until the 31st January of the year in which the pupil enters the school, after January the enrolment must be completed in full. Equally, reservations that have already been made will expire if the enrolment is not completed before the indicated date.


The enrolment will only be finalised when all the documents. required have been handed in.

All the paperwork for new admissions should be done at the main office in San Lorenzo (Lomo el Diviso s/n), from 8:30 to 16:30 by any of the adults in charge of the pupil to be enrolled. New admissions for Maspalomas can be done at either departments: main office in San Lorenzo or Maspalomas.